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Golf Course Health and Safety Information 2016

This information identifies the main hazards that members and visitors to Ruthin Pwllglas Golf Club may encounter while playing, practising or walking the course.  It does not contain a definitive list of hazards, as by the very nature of the game of golf, it is impossible to eliminate risk entirely.

ALL accidents and incidents MUST be reported to the Club Secretary at the Club on 01824 702296, or on Mobile 07881 426178 so that the appropriate documentation may be completed.

Emergency Service 999

Some mobile signals are poor in this area and should not be relied upon. 112 is the common emergency telephone number that can be dialled free of charge from any fixed or mobile telephone in order to reach emergency services.

Our postcode LL15 2PE

The postcode does not accurately identify the Clubhouse location on Satellite Navigation.

Details given to emergency services should be Ruthin Pwllglas Golf Club

O/S Grid Reference SJ 117 557


Ruthin Pwllglas Golf Club boasts lovely scenery and wildlife that has no respect for health and safety and like many other golf courses, there are always dangers associated with animal burrows and slippery banks etc. Persons playing or walking on the course do so

AT THEIR OWN RISK and must not do anything to jeopardize the safety of themselves or others.

Danger signs are placed at both ends of the footpath that crosses the course.

All players are expected to adopt golfing etiquette by not playing a golf shot if there is the remotest chance of injuring someone, or by walking in front of a fellow competitor or partner prior to them playing a shot. A practice area is provided and practising on the course including the use of two or more balls is in contravention of the club rules and this safety information.



Please be careful as you enter and leave the Club as the road leading to the Club is narrow and there are blind spots on the road. Enter through the gate slowly and look to your left to see if there are golfers on the 5th tee. Give them priority.  Excessive speed is to be avoided at all times.



A decision to carry on playing during adverse weather conditions is left to the discretion of the player, who MUST accept full responsibility for his/her safety.

However, if the Horn sounds, the instructions below MUST be followed:

One long blast – it is mandatory that you leave the course. If the Horn is not sounded and a player believes there is real danger by proceeding, he/she is entitled to discontinue play under Rule 6-8a (ii). Where there is not sufficient time to evacuate the course and there is a threat of lightning, you are advised to comply with the following procedure:


It is the player’s own responsibility to discontinue play when, in his/her opinion, a danger from lightning exists.  In the event that a player is out on the golf course when lightning is about, then the following safety considerations are advised:

  1. Keep as low as possible and ideally crouch down in the nearest bunker/hollow.
  2. Leave your golf equipment where it is and stand away from it.
  3. Do not use a mobile phone – make sure it is switched off.
  4. Do not put an umbrella up under any circumstances.
  5. Do not shelter under trees.



In order to fulfil health and safety responsibilities, Ruthin Pwllglas Golf Club operates a fog policy.  No play will take place on the course if a distance of 150 yards cannot be seen. On the 1st tee, if it is not possible to clearly see the 150 yard marker post on the first hole, players must not start to play golf. Whilst on the course, players must use their own judgement based on the distances demonstrated on the 1st and 4th holes.

No play will be permitted when the “Course closed” signs are exhibited.



First Aid Assistance:  in the event of an accident, first aid boxes are located in the foyer of the Clubhouse and in the green keeper’s shed. A defibrillator is located in the foyer of the Clubhouse.



The Golf Course Risk Assessment has been carried out on a hole-by-hole basis.  Please note that this list is not exhaustive.  To help minimise the risks from the hazards that have been identified, it is your responsibility as a golfer on the course to ensure that you adhere strictly to the following:


Particular care should be taken on the 1st, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th and 18th, as a public footpath crosses these holes.  Users of the public footpath have priority at all times.


  • 1st HOLE: Be aware of the public footpath.  Players putting on the 18th green have priority, make sure they are clear of the green before you tee off.  Also be aware of players on the 4th fairway and players driving from the 4th tee towards you.
  • 2nd HOLE: Do not drive until you hear the bell.  When you are on the fairway ring the bell to indicate to those behind you that you are clear and it is safe for them to tee off.  As you approach the green, be aware that there may be players driving off the 8th tee.  You are advised NOT TO PROCEED to the 2nd green while players are teeing off the 8th tee.  Players driving off the 8th tee have priority.
  • 3rd HOLE: Men – do not take your tee shot until the green is clear or you have been called up.  On the fairway beware of stray golf balls from the 6th tee.
  • 4th HOLE: Long hitters off the tee, please remember that over the blind hill, the public footpath crosses the course.  Also be aware of players approaching towards you on the 1st/10th fairway.
  • 5th HOLE: Public footpath crosses this hole.  Please be careful of vehicular access to the Golf Club. Do not drive off the tee until you hear the bell.  When you are on the fairway, ring the bell to indicate to the players behind you that you are clear and it is safe for them to tee off.
  • 6th HOLE: Ring the bell on the tee to alert players on the 3rd hole you are about to drive off.
  • 8th HOLE: Players driving off the 8th tee have priority over players approaching the 2nd green.  However, if players are already putting on the 2nd green as you arrive on the 8th tee, etiquette should prevail and consideration must be shown to them.  Let the players on the 2nd green put out before you take your tee shot.
  • 9th HOLE: The public footpath crosses this hole.
  • 10th HOLE: The public footpath crosses this hole.  Safety information as for 1st hole.
  • 18th HOLE: The public footpath crosses this hole.  As you approach the green, be aware of players teeing off the 1st or 10th tees.  They have priority.  If you are putting on the 18th green you have priority over players waiting to tee off the 1st and 10th tees.


You are advised to exercise caution at all times on the course in respect of identifying areas where you may be at potential risk of being hit by another’s golf ball, especially on those holes where the landing area is not clearly visible from the tee and areas where parallel fairways are played in opposing directions.

Please remember that USERS OF THE PUBLIC FOOTPATH HAVE PRIORITY AT ALL TIMES.  If there are people in range of your shot, take a minute to enjoy the stunning scenery until they are out of range.

If a miss hit shot is heading in the direction of other people, you must shout “FORE” in a loud voice to alert them of possible danger.  If “FORE” is heard when playing, please take evasive action if possible.

Players should not strike a golf ball when there is the risk of endangering other players, members of the Green Staff and all other users of the golf course and its surroundings.

Particular care should be taken on holes where the landing area of your shot is not clearly visible.

Animal Holes: Ruthin Pwllglas Golf Club endeavour to fill in holes created by animals.  However, it is inevitable that there will be rabbit holes that can lead to trips, falls and sprained ankles.

Buggies:  Ruthin Pwllglas Golf Club has buggies available for hire.  Apart from these, the use of ride-on buggies is permitted only by prior agreement with the Club Secretary.  All buggies must be operated in accordance with our Golf Buggy Safety Policy.

Fertiliser and Insecticides etc:  Do not lick golf balls or fingers.  A notice on the 1st tee will advise of days that chemicals have been used.  Players are advised to take heed of the warnings and protect themselves.

Footwear:  Ruthin Pwllglas Golf Club require golf shoes to be worn on the golf course.



Green keepers:  Green Staff have priority at all times. The Green Staff are regularly working on the Course when golf is in progress.  Please be careful and courteous to them and ensure that they are aware of and have acknowledged your presence, prior to playing your shot.

Insurance:  Ruthin Pwllglas Golf Club provides liability insurance to their members.  This insurance is also extended to green fee paying visitors.  However, all golfers must ensure that they are adequately insured in respect of the risks involved with the playing of golf.

Practising:  This is strictly limited to the designated practice area and the practice nets.  Under no circumstances is there to be any practising on the Course itself.  To ensure the safety of all users of the practice area, as well as other golfers and members of the public, these instructions must be adhered to.

Steep Banks, Slopes & Paths:   Special care must be taken to avoid trips, slips and falls when standing on, or walking near, banks and slopes as these are considered to be some of the most hazardous areas of the Course, particularly during or after adverse weather conditions.  By the very nature of the Course it has many steep banks, slopes and paths and certainly too many to list individually.  At all times players should take care, particularly when using golf buggies or trolleys.

Woodland Management:  As part of the Course Development Plan scrub clearing work will continue in woodland areas around the course for the foreseeable future.  Inevitably there will be bramble, exposed rocks, tree stumps and exposed tree roots in these areas. Extreme care must be taken to avoid trips, slips and falls if you need to access these areas.

Within these areas, log piles (large log piles to sell as fuel and small log piles created for the benefit of wildlife) are “Immoveable Obstructions” Rule 24-2b(i) applies.  Burnt areas are “Abnormal Ground Conditions” Rule 25-1b(i) applies.

Wildlife:  Players should be aware that there is a potential threat from wildlife, such as wasps, bees and other biting insects on the Course.  Adders are also present on the Golf Course and urgent medical attention should be sought if you suffer a venomous bite.

To help with the review process of our safety procedures, all Members, Guests and Visitors are kindly requested to bring to the attention of the Secretary any incidents that happen on the Golf Course, or hazards they feel have not been addressed.


D.O.R. Jan 2016