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Club Rules

Dress Code: on the course

  • Shorts are permitted but only if they are tailored and worn with suitable sports socks.
  • Tracksuits, jeans and sleeveless shirts may not be worn.
  • Trousers must not be tucked into socks.

Dress Code: in the clubhouse

  • Appropriate attire e.g. jackets and ties should be worn for official presentation evenings and appropriate social occasions such as Captain’s night.
  • No sleeveless shirts or shirts without collars
  • No trainer-type footwear
  • No jeans or tracksuits
  • Golf shoes worn on the course must not be worn in the clubhouse

Dogs are not allowed on any part of the course, including the rough.

Only wide wheel trolleys are permitted on the course.

Trolleys may not be brought into the changing rooms.

The course will be closed when there is a hard frost or other adverse weather conditions.

Juniors are not allowed in the main room of the clubhouse after 7.30pm.

When a Club Competition is held, junior members are not allowed to tee off until after 5pm.


  • The beautiful scenery on and around the golf course is there to be enjoyed but players must keep up with play. Take time playing a stroke but please walk quickly between shots. If you lose a ball, call the game behind you through whilst searching. Allow those you have called through to clear the green, even if you find your ball.
  • Please rake all bunkers after playing out of them. Imagine what it is like to have to play a shot out of a deep footprint.
  • Repair all pitch marks on the greens, even if they are not your own. Remember a pitch mark is normally the result of a well-struck approach shot.
  • Sharing a bag of clubs is strictly forbidden.
  • Replace divots anywhere on the course.

Following the above will enhance your enjoyment of your round and will ensure that others also have a pleasurable game.

We hope you enjoy playing at Ruthin-Pwllglas Golf Club and that you will come again soon!