IMG_9692-200x300As well as the highly managed areas of the Golf course, the tees and greens and to a lesser extent the fairways there are significant areas of natural habitat for wildlife.

Club members are keen to improve the local environment whilst continuing to develop a high quality golf course.

Much of the non-playing areas of Ruthin Pwllglas golf course are woodland which are managed to improve the playing experience of the course whilst enhancing the ecology and wildlife on the site.

A conservation and woodland management plan is being developed that complements the golf course and we would hope to increase habitat variety, enhance biodiversity and be a positive influence on the environment.

The woodland areas of the golf course provide a series of habitats for many species of wildlife from the tree layer to the ground.

Mature Silver Birch, Ash and some Oak provide a canopy. Hawthorne, Bramble, Holly and Hazel make up most of the shrub layer. At field height there are many grasses, wild flowers and herbs. Mosses and fungi on the ground.