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Winter League Week 7

By |February 11th, 2019|

Winter League 2019 – Week 5

By |January 28th, 2019|

Winter League 2019 – Week 4

By |January 21st, 2019|

Winter League 2019 – Week 3

By |January 15th, 2019|

Thursday Crowd Statistics

By |January 10th, 2019|

Thursday Crowd Statistics compiled by Henry Birch.

Winter League 2019 – Week 2

By |January 7th, 2019|

Winter League 2019 – Week 1

By |December 31st, 2018|

Century Club Draw – Christmas Draw

By |December 29th, 2018|

Winners Christmas Draw 2018

£200 Mr Peter Blundell (1)

£150 Mr Mrs Kilday (48)

£100 Mrs Myfi Lewis (41)

£70 Mr Tim Gorin (29)

£70 Mrs C Parton (67)

£70 Mr John Towns (70)

Minutes of the Management Meeting held on Tuesday 30th October 2018 .

By |December 23rd, 2018|

Minutes of the Management Meeting held at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 30th October 2018 at the clubhouse.

  1. Present: Oswyn Roberts, Gwilym Roberts, Ian Vaughan-Evans, John Ll Williams, Alan Foster, June Brady, Graham Hardinges, Wendy Roberts, Brenda Roberts, Eddie Fitzsimmons, Mike Whear
  2. Apologies: Susan Kilday, Clive Davies, Catherine Parton, Ian Lewis
  3. Confirmation of the minutes of the meeting held in the clubhouse on the 18th September 2018.

The minutes were proposed by Wendy Roberts and seconded by Eddie Fitzsimmons and agreed as correct by all present.

  1. Matters arising from the minutes of the meeting held on the 18th September 2018.

The Secretary had contacted all members affected by the Premium Credit Cyber-Attack.

The Secretary had removed the out of date telephone list. A new list could not be provided as he did not have Members’ permission to share Members numbers

The Chairman had met with and appointed John Towns as the new Cleaner. He had arranged for Barbara from FerryChem to discuss cleaning products with John and she came to visit at the end of September. The Chairman is working with John to develop cleaning schedules etc. and the Treasurer has agreed terms with him. He appears to be settling down to the job very well and members of the Committee were very complimentary of the work he had done to date.

  1. Treasurers Report

The Treasurer reported that there were no significant changes from the report presented in September. He would provide a more detailed report to the December meeting but expected that we would achieve a break-even situation by the end of the year.

  1. Secretary’s’ Report

The Secretary apologised for failing to circulate a DGU report he had received from Graham Hardinges.

  1. Sub Committee Reports

7.1      Greens

The Chair of the Greens reported as follows:

The last top dressing of the year was carried out in the first week of October

The weather was not favourable, being a bit wet, and it took 2 days to apply the dressing, waiting for it to dry and matting it in.

Soon after the greens were verti drained. The verti-drain machine acquired last year is working well and there is a visible difference to be seen when cutting out the holes – better soil structure and less compaction is noticeable under the surface.

More recently Lawn Sand has been applied to the greens, which is a mixture of fine sand consisting of several nutrients including Iron Sulphate to deter moss and kill weeds, Ammonium Sulphate fertilizer that releases Nitrogen to make the grass greener.

Francis is very pleased with the result of the over seeding carried out during Maintenance Week in August. The grass seed germinated well and has grown strongly to provide good grass coverage on the greens following the damage done by the extreme hot weather in June.

Following a severe Fusarium attack last month which Francis had to treat with fungicide the greens are reasonably healthy at the moment, however we are fearful that the Fusarium disease will attack again as the weather turns wetter and colder.

The cut on the greens has now been raised to 5mm as is usual for the Winter months.

Short rough

Will be cut as necessary during the winter months.


 These will probably not be cut again this year. Francis tries to leave some grass on the fairways to protect them over Winter and give them a good start the following Spring.

Francis has taken on board your plan to extend the fairways in places, cut out paths from tees to fairways and will start mowing those areas next season.


 We are looking at the bunkers and preparing to do the work requested. Some are not straight forward mainly because of rock. Francis has also questioned the timing of the work and has suggested that early next Spring could be a better time than now to renovate bunkers.


Work has started on the programme agreed at the last meeting. Work parties on Friday mornings have removed some of the trees on the 9th and around the Ladies 3rd tee. Also finishing work on the 6th which was not completed last year. There is still work to be done in some of these areas and will continue through the Winter months.

In response to questions from members the Chairman confirmed the following:

He would ask the Greenkeeper to review the Ladies 18th tee which was reported as being in a poor condition.

Areas around the greens and tees would be roped off during the winter months as this protected vulnerable areas from considerable damage by trolleys and buggies. The alternative was to introduce a trolley and buggy ban which was not acceptable to most members.

Work to the bunker on the 6th which is currently GUR would take place in the Spring.

Winter greens would be cut in the next week.

The tees would be moved onto the mats in the next few days.

There were no other sub-committee reports

  1. Captains Report

 The Lady Vice-Captain reported on behalf of the Lady Captain.

The Laird team had come equal 3rd in their section and the scratch team were 4th in their section.

Brenda and Janet had been selected to play for the Welsh Northern Counties team and won their match against Cheshire at Padeswood and Buckley.

Brenda had held a very well attended DLCA lady Captains Day.

The Ladies exchange visit with Pwllheli had gone very well.

The Lady Vice had organised a well-attended Family Trophy competition and seven Juniors had played.

The Ladies Summer Open had been well attended with the winning team coming from Mold GC.

The annual Garter match against Wrexham had been held at Ruthin-Pwllglas this year and we had won the match.

The Captain reported that the men had played a match against Llangollen which they had lost and the DGU Autumn meeting had been held at Llangollen.

Ruthin Football Club had held a golf day at the club which had been attended by 32 players, only eight of whom were members. This had been a successful event and they will be looking to hold a similar event on an annual basis.

  1. Junior Section Report

 Catherine Parton has attended the Level 1 Coaching Course

One of the Junior members has been allocated a handicap of 19, two others need to complete 2×9 or 1×18 hole rounds to obtain their handicaps

Only two Juniors came on the 29th for session with the professional which was disappointing.

Numbers are dwindling for the Sunday afternoon sessions also.

With winter on its way, the sessions will stop until the warmer weather returns in the spring. All Junior members have parents/grandparents that play & can take them on the course should they wish to play.

Lady Captain & Junior Organiser are looking to hold a Christmas Competition for the juniors on Sun 2nd Dec. Shortened holes will be set up as required to ensure all level of juniors are catered for & there will be refreshments in the clubhouse afterwards.

Matters to consider for next year

Adding junior comps to the fixture book

Recruiting more junior helpers

Elect a new junior organiser at the AGM

Holding taster sessions & recruiting more junior members

Another volunteer to attend a Level 1 Coaches course

  1. Correspondence


  1. DGU

The Vice-Captain provided a detailed update from the last DGU meeting.

The DGU Juniors had won all their matches. There are 42 Junior members on the DGU coaching system from five clubs.

The County Scratch team had a poor year due to managerial and operational issues and were struggling to get category 1 players to commit to represent the County.

The County Seniors team had a good year but needed more Members to represent the team.

A request was received that Ruthin-Pwllglas be asked to hold the DGU Mixed event for 2018. Following discussion, the Vice-Captain was asked to obtain further information regarding the costings for the event as these events require considerable resource input from the club with little benefit in return.


12.1 Corporate Membership Proposal

The proposal which had been circulated prior to the meeting was discussed in detail. Brenda Roberts proposed and Graham Hardinges seconded the recommendations in the proposal which was agreed by all present. A copy of the proposal is attached to the end of the minutes.

12.2 Rules of Golf 2019 and New Handicap Software.

As agreed at the last meeting the handicap software has been purchased from a new supplier called Handicap Master. From now until December, both the old and new systems will be running together. By December all information will be on the new system. Kim Webb and Kev G.Jones are working with the new supplier to ensure everything runs smoothly.

The group of Members who met in September are keen to meet again and the Secretary will be asked to call a meeting in the next few days to discuss a document provided by the R&A on how to proceed with introducing the new rules of golf to the members.

Last Wednesday, 4 delegates from RPGC attended a roadshow arranged by Wales Golf to learn about the New Rules and the World Handicap System. A document about the new rules has been received and a report will be provided to the next Management meeting on the 12th of December.

There is more time to consider the World Handicap System. This won’t be ready for at least 18 months; however, we have been advised to ensure we have the technology in place to administer our handicap system, encourage members to return as many scores as possible and ensure we have a Course Measurement Certificate which reflects the current course. An unchanged

Handicap Committee over the next few years will help with the transition.

 12.3 Winter Green Fees

Following a discussion, it was proposed by E Fitzsimmons, seconded by M Whear and agreed by all present that the Winter Green fees would be £15 per day with Members guests receiving a concession to £10.

   12.4 Coffee Machine

The Secretary was asked to investigate the cost of purchasing a new coffee machine.

   12.5 Cup for Llangollen v Pwllglas match.

The Vice-Captain had been asked by Llangollen whether we knew the whereabouts of the cup that we played for as it had not been seen for a few years.

  1. Date of next meeting was set for Tuesday the 11th December 2018.

Action Points from Management Meeting.

  • Secretary to investigate the cost of providing a Coffee machine.

Ruthin-Pwllglas Golf Club Corporate Membership.

Following the last Management meeting, Graham Hardinges, Oswyn Roberts and myself met on the 17th October to discuss the various options for corporate membership which had been prepared by Graham Hardinges.

Graham had prepared a number of options for consideration and these were fully discussed at the meeting. Large and small companies will have different requirements and expectations and covering all options would be challenging and may prove restrictive.

It was agreed that the following proposals should be presented to the Management Committee for consideration:

  • The Corporate Package.

Corporate company package (small company or multiples of 7)

3 No individual memberships with full member rights (i.e. competitions, handicap and voting rights).

1 floating membership card enabling access any time for up to 4 players without any membership rights.

40 free rounds per annum for use by clients/colleagues.

Tee sponsor board (or alternative) included.

Total cost (4 x 7-day membership + £1000 sponsorship) = £2760


3 full (identified) members

4 identified/nominated members without voting rights.

40 additional player rounds.


2.0 Specific Packages designed to meet company needs.

Some companies will have specific needs and the club will have to design a package to meet those requirements. Whilst it was considered that package one would meet the requirements of most local companies some flexibility was required for dealing with larger organisations.


  • The management committee agree to adopt the Corporate Package membership proposal.
  • The Management Committee agree that the Secretary in conjunction with the Treasurer and Chairman can design and agree specific packages to meet company requirements.

Ian Vaughan-Evans

Club Secretary


Turkey Trot – Week 7

By |November 25th, 2018|


24 / 25 November 2018



A GOSSE                     38pts (L6)

GWYN JONES              38pts

STEVE   DAVIES           36pts (B9)


WAL BROWETT           36 pts

GLYN HUMPHREYS     35 pts (B9)

K TURNER                   35 pts