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Summer Cup 2018 – Week 2

By |May 14th, 2018|

Well 3 of the bandits referred to in last weeks report strike again,Gareth Griffiths,John Lewis and Steve Davies and i understand Gareth and Lewy have joined forces for the pairs this summer – a formidable duo!!

It was another good turnout -26- and it is great to see Eleanor Roberts play the last 2 weeks with full support from us all for you to beat the chairman next week.Come on ladies have a go and sock it to these blokes.

Again only 1 two with the Treasurer reaping the spoils and Gareth Pierce picked up another £1 to go with the one from last week-doesn’t look as though you will able to mothball your plough quite yet Gareth!!

1st Gareth Griffiths 30 pts
2nd= Alan Padmore 28
3rd= Eddie Fitz 28 Alan and Eddie had the same front nine , the same last 3 of the front nine and thats when I got fed up……..and called it a draw
4th Pete Blundell 27 19 front 9
5th Phil Evans 27 18 ” ”
6th Steve Davies 26 19 ” ”
7th John Lewis 26 18 ” ”
8th= Joe Jones 25 A bit of the same as Eddie and Alan
8th= Gareth Pierce 25



Mixed Open Results – Sunday 13th May 2018

By |May 13th, 2018|

Mixed Open Results – Sunday 13th May 2018

A great days golf today in our well attended Mixed Open which was played in brilliant sunshine.

Congratulations to our winners Iwan Lewis and Meinir Conway from Royal St Davids closely followed by D and K Munro from Bromborough Golf Club and in third place Rod and Kim Hartstone from Glossop Golf Club.

See you all next year!


Summer Cup 2018 – Week 1

By |May 7th, 2018|


There were some cracking scores on the opening week of the Summer Cup and some sympathy for those 4 who carded 26 points ,they each won a £1 each for effort.Unusually only one ‘2’ – Phil Evans.

A number of familiar names star in the prizes – a euphomism for bandits,Steve Davies; Ian Vaughan Evans; Gareth Griffiths to name but three and the perennial septuagenariun – John Lewis!!

1st Steve Davies 30pts £11
2nd Idris Roberts 29 £ 9
3rd John Lewis 28 £8
4th Gwyn Jones 27 £6          20 points front 9
5th Ian V Evans 27 £5           18 ” ” ”
6th Gareth Griffiths 27 £4      15
7th Glyn Humphreys 26
7th Gareth Pierce 26
7th Alan Foster 26
8th Alan Padmore 26



Lady Captain’s Quiz raises £442 for NEWSAR

By |May 1st, 2018|

Lady Captain’s Quiz raises £442 for NEWSAR


It was a great night in the clubhouse last Thursday as over 70 people joined in the Lady Captain’s Quiz. Members and guests enjoyed the entertainment and a buffet while learning about the work of Susan Kilday’s chosen local charity, NEWSAR (North East Wales Search and Rescue). NEWSAR is staffed entirely by volunteers and like all British Rescue organisations has to raise all of its funds itself. As well as traditional mountain rescue it assists emergency services with searches for missing elderly, teenagers and children, flood rescue and even animal rescue. The team brought along a Land Rover Ambulance, which attracted a lot of interest from guests.

The clubhouse was buzzing with a sparkling atmosphere. As the Lady Captain pointed out, “I’d like to thank the members who did so much to make this a success and I appreciate particularly the contribution made by Mike Brady and John Towns who ran the Club bar so efficiently and cheerfully on such a busy night. Thanks also to those who gave prizes for the raffle.”


The quiz itself was won by a team of Ruthin golfers, Roger Edwards, Robin Wilson, Bob Ellis and JC, despite a zero score on the golf questions, just ahead of one of the teams from NEWSAR. Marion Henshaw guessed correctly thnumber of tees in the jar: 233.


Century Club Draw – March 2018

By |April 17th, 2018|

March Winners

£100 Mr Mike J Whear (42)

£50 Mr Tom A Kneale (37)

£45 Mr Haydn Ellis (63)

£40 Mr Noel Davies (93)

Winter League 2018 – Final Results

By |March 26th, 2018|


Winner – Ian Vaughan Evans 135 Pts

2nd Andy Gosse 133 Pts
3rd John Ll Williams 132 Pts (24)*
4th Mike Brady 132 Pts (23)*
5th Geoff Gill 129 Pts

* If aggregate scores equal, the next best score will decide winner.

Thank you all for participating – John Ll Williams, Winter League organiser.

Captain vs Vice Captain Match and Captain’s Drive-In

By |March 26th, 2018|

Captain vs Vice Captain match and
Captain’s Drive-In Sunday 25th March

Captain v Vice Captain Match – Result 4½ – 3½

Guess the length of Captain’s Drive – 214 Yds
Clive Davies (215 Yds) and Graham Lowe 215 Yds)

Captain’s Drive in competition
1st – Doug Amison & Richard Cowell 43 pts
2nd – Nigel Roberts & Peter Blundell 42 pts
3rd – John Ll Williams & Ian Vaughan-Evans 41 pts
4th – Geoff Gill & Trevor Garner 40 pts

£95 was raised for the Captain’s Charity
(Sarcoma & Huntington’s Disease)

Thank you all for participating
The Captain

Minutes of the Management Meeting held at 7.00 p.m. at the clubhouse on Tuesday 30th January 2018.

By |March 23rd, 2018|

Minutes of the Management Meeting held at 7.00 p.m. at the clubhouse on Tuesday 30th January 2018.

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and congratulated everyone on their election at the AGM. He noted that a minimum of two members have to step down from the committee every year and replaced by two elected at the AGM. This year only one new member, Ian Lewis, was elected leaving the Committee one member short. The Committee can fill the vacancy if they wish.

  1. Present: Oswyn Roberts, Gwilym Roberts, Clive Davies, Ian Vaughan-Evans, John Williams, Mike Whear, Catherine Parton, Brenda Roberts, Alan Foster, Ian Lewis, Eddie Fitzsimons, Susan Kilday, June Brady, Graham Hardinges
  2. Apologies: Wendy Roberts

Confirmation of the minutes of the meeting held in the clubhouse on the 19th December 2017.

The minutes were proposed by E Fitzsimmons and seconded by C Parton and agreed as correct by all present.

  1. Matters arising from the minutes of the meeting held on the 24th October 2017.

The recommendation of the Management Committee regarding annual subscription fees had been agreed at the AGM on the 18th January 2018.

  1. Treasurers Report 

The Treasurer had met with Sue Roberts and agreed to place both sets of accounts on the same spread sheets. The documents were being stored in the cloud and the auditors and Chairman would have access to carry out spot audits on the accounts during the year.

Many subscriptions had already been paid directly into the clubs’ bank account and this was helping with the cash flow which was normally quite tight at this time of year.

  1. Secretarys’ Report

No report

  1. Appointment of Sub Committee Members

The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer are ex officio members of all sub committees.

The Wines Committee had been elected at the AGM

The following were agreed by the Committee:


Chair – Club Chair

Members – Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Sue Roberts,

Gareth Griffiths, Secretary.


Chair – Oswyn Roberts

Members – Head Greenkeeper, Brenda Roberts, John Lewis, Gwyn Jones.

It was also agreed that Andrew Spink would be co-opted onto this

committee as he had expressed an interest and had valuable

experience in this area.


Chair – Mike Whear

Members – Captains, Mike Brady, Carey Kearns, Ian Lewis.

Handicap and Competitions

 Chair – John Lewis

Handicap Secretaries – Kevin G Jones and Anna Davies

Competition Secretaries – Wendy Roberts and Steve Davies.

Health and Safety

 Chair – Eddie Fitzsimmons

Members – Chairs of all other Committees, Ladies Secretary and Junior Organisor.

Junior Section

Junior Organisor – Catherine Parton

Child Protection Officer – Gwilym Roberts

Members – Graham Hardinges, Ian Lewis



Chair – Kim Webb

Members – Alan Foster, Guy Alford, Catherine Parton


Social – Vacant

 The club Captains normally take responsibility for organising social events.

  1. Sub Committee Reports


The Chair had circulated a report for information and asked for any comments and additional suggestions for consideration.

Members asked the Chair to look at the practice ground area – overgrown areas, wet areas and cleaning of the mats.

There were no other sub-committee reports.

The Chair asked the Chairs of the sub-committees to arrange meetings as soon as possible to discuss their programmes of work for the coming year.

The Secretary was asked to circulate details of all sub-committees to Members via e-mail.

  1. Captains Report

The Lady Captain reported that she had a good turnout for her drive-in despite the weather. Seventeen Ladies had braved the conditions and twenty three had attended the lunch. £55 had been raised by guessing the length of drive for her nominated charity. The Ladies Xmas dinner had been rearranged for late February.

The Captain reported that his drive-in had to be cancelled due to the atrocious weather conditions and the course being unplayable. The drive-in was being re-arranged for the 25th March 2018 at 12.00 p.m.

  1. Correspondence

The Secretary had received an application for membership from Arfon Jones Gellifor. The application was approved by the Committee.

The Committee agreed that the Chair and Secretary would constitute a sub-committee who could decide on applications for membership between meetings.

  1. AOB

The Captain reported on his attendance at the DGU meeting to discuss the response to the questionnaire sent to members. 531 responses had been received with 37 of those coming from Pwllglas members. It was noted that 75% of the replies had been received from members aged over 50 and 76% of the replies were negative about the DGU.

A new initiative was being developed using facebook and twitter to promote the DGU and each club was requested to nominate one member to be their DGU representative and to have continuity in this role. All clubs were being asked to have a DGU noticeboard in the changing rooms.

The following was agreed:

  1. Ll Williams to be the DGU representative

The DGU to be an agenda item at all subsequent meetings

The Secretary to send out promotional information about the DGU to all members via e-mail.

The Lady Vice Captain suggested that we could do more to promote the fact that we were open during the winter months and increase income via green fees. The Chair agreed to discuss this with the Chair of Promotions.

C Parton reported that defibrillation training had been arranged for Wednesday 21st February at 12.30 and Thursday 22nd February at 3.30. It was suggested that a donation of around £1 per member be made to the charity providing the training.

C Parton reported that changes to Data Protection were coming in this year which may mean we need to obtain permission before sending e-mails to members or potential customers. The Secretary was asked to look into this and report back.

  1. Date of next meeting was set for the 13th March 2018.

Action Points from Management Meeting.

  • The Chairs of the sub-committees to arrange meetings as soon as

possible to discuss their programmes of work for the coming year.

  • The Secretary was asked to circulate details of all sub-committees to Members via e-mail.
  • The Chair of the Greens Committee to look at improving the practice ground facilities.
  • The Secretary to include the DGU as a standard agenda item at all future Management meetings.
  • The Secretary to send out DGU promotional material via e-mail to all members.
  • The Secretary to look into the implications of changes regarding Data Protection and contacting Members and customers via e-mail.






























Century Club Draw – February 2018

By |March 14th, 2018|

February Winners

£100 Mr Andrew Spink (40)

£50 Mrs Mair Davies (22)

£45 Mr T Meirion Ellis (36)

£40 Mr Arthur Simms (27)

Winter League 2018 – Week 11

By |March 12th, 2018|


Played – 42
Winner £21 – Mike Brady 29 Pts (21 F9)

Category 0 – 8
1st – £16 – Oswyn Roberts 28pts (20 F9)
2nd – £11 – Gwyn Jones 28pts (18 F9)
3rd – £5 – Phil Corbett 27pts (18 F9)

Category 9 – 16
1st – £16 – Ian Vaughan Evans 29 pts (20 F9)
2nd – £11 – Gwilym Roberts 28 pts (19 F9)
3rd – £5 – Ian Lewis 28 pts (18 F9)

TWO’s – ( £2 each) Phil Corbett; Mike Brady; Oswyn Roberts; John Ll Williams; Eddie Fitzsimmons; Trevor Garner; Wyn Roberts; Gwyn Jones; Gareth Pierce; Hayden Ellis; Kim Webb.