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TURKEY TROT no2   13/14 OCTOBER 2018

By |October 14th, 2018|

TURKEY TROT no2   13/14 OCTOBER 2018

O/WINNER      Mike Price 70 -9 – 61


Kim Webb                     72 – 10 = 62

Steve Davies                 74 – 11 = 63

Mr Captain                   70 – 5   = 65


Clive Davies                  76 – 14 = 62

Arfon Jones                   85 – 22 = 63

Adam Stubbings        81 – 16 = 65 (B6)



Dave Edwards 3   Gwyn Jones 2   Mike Price 1       Arfon Jones 1  

Mr Captain 1   Adam Stubbings 1   Wal Browett 1   W Roberts 1  

Bob Mason 1

12 TWOS=£1.00   PER TWO


Handicap Reductions

Mike Price 9 – 7 : Kim Webb 10 – 9 : Steve Davies 11 – 10 :

Mr Captain 5 – 4 : Clive Davies 14 – 13 : Arfon Jones 22 – 21 :

Adam Stubbings 16 – 15:


























TURKEY TROT HANDICAPS                                                                      


I V EVANS 16-14     J E L JONES17-16



Minutes of the Management Meeting held at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 15th May 2018 at the clubhouse.

By |October 13th, 2018|

Minutes of the Management Meeting held at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 15th May 2018 at the clubhouse.

  1. Present: Oswyn Roberts, Gwilym Roberts, Clive Davies, Ian Vaughan-Evans, John Williams, Mike Whear, Brenda Roberts, Alan Foster, Ian Lewis, Susan Kilday, June Brady, Graham Hardinges, Kim Webb.
  2. Apologies: Wendy Roberts, Catherine Parton, Eddie Fitzimmons.
  3. Confirmation of the minutes of the meeting held in the clubhouse on the 13th March 2018.

The minutes were proposed by Brenda Roberts and seconded by Alan Foster and agreed as correct by all present.

  1. Matters arising from the minutes of the meeting held on the 13th March 2017.

The Secretary had circulated details of all sub-committees to Members.

  1. Treasurers Report

The Treasurer had circulated a report prior to the meeting highlighting that income from membership was £10k down this year and expenditure would be up this year due to previous commitments (e.g. roof repairs). Whilst sufficient funds are available to cover the shortfall this year careful consideration needs to be given to income generation for future years, if the trend of reducing income from membership continues.

  1. Secretarys’ Report

The Secretary reported that 54 of the data protection forms had been returned. He would be sending a reminder to those members who had not replied.

  1. Sub Committee Reports

7.1            Health and Safety

The slope up to the Ladies’ third tee had been quite slippery over recent months and was being monitored. 

7.2 House

Work on the new roof was due to start shortly.

Carey Kearns has arranged to have the cooker professionally cleaned; Carey, Brenda, and Marion have deep cleaned the rest of the kitchen.

The Plumber was struggling to fix the boiler. The manufacturers are involved now and will be sending someone out to resolve the matter.

The Plumber has been asked to have a look at the taps in the ladies’ locker room.

The Snowdonia Fire Inspector recorded a ‘fail’ for the emergency lighting in the clubhouse and quoted a price for fixing them. Our Electrician quoted £50 less.

The Electrician has also had a look at the sensor light in the car park and will replace the strip lighting in the men’s locker room with LED fittings which are compatible with sensors.

The Chairman had discussed clearing tree stumps in the car park with Garry Teeson. Garry will produce a plan which will also address some of the drainage issues at the bottom of the practice ground and front of the Ladies locker room.

The alarm system is working again after failing for several weeks. New batteries have been fitted to the transmitter in the workshop which is connected to a fitting in the ceiling of the ladies’ locker room.

7.3            Greens

The greens sub-committee have not met for the usual ‘walk the course’ meeting this May. Most of the members of the sub-committee had been away on holiday during the last few weeks. A meeting will be arranged in June and report prepared for the next meeting.

The greens staff finally got to work on the course following a very wet early season. The greens were aerated by hollow coring which helps to remove thatch and gets air and oxygen to the roots and just as important, the cores are left open for a while to let unwanted gases such as Carbon Dioxide to be released. This was followed by verti draining with the new machine, relieving compaction and further increasing space for good air and water deep into the roots.

The first top dressing of the year went very well yesterday, all the greens were dressed and matted. The weather was good for the job and the staff stayed late to get the job done The greens should be smoother next week. The greens won’t be cut with the best blades now until the sand has gone into the ground. They won’t be cut tomorrow and unless we get rain to wash the sand in they won’t be cut for the weekend.

We are slowly getting rid of the Fusarium disease. Francis has been managing it by various methods. The warmer weather helps. We still brush the dew off every day which helps a lot, but have failed to get volunteers for Saturday mornings.

We’ve had vandals on the course the last two weekends. Two flags lifted but left close by, several signs removed around the course but none lost. A bit of damage to the back left of the 18th green which Francis has started repairing. Most damaging to the machines were rocks thrown in the rough. We spent an hour picking up rocks in the rough on Bank holiday Monday.

The shooters reported to Eddie Fitz that they had seen two people trying to get on the course on a quad bike from the bottom gate. Also the alarm was set off under the club but nothing more.

There were no other sub-committee reports.

  1. Captains Report

The Lady Captain reported the Spring Open had been held in March and many compliments had been received regarding the condition of the course.

The Ladies Scratch team was doing very well having won two matches and drawn one.

The Laird team had won one match and lost two.

The Charity quiz night had been a great success and £442 had been raised.

The Lady Captain had arranged a sleepover at Patshull Park golf club.

The Captain reported that his drive in had taken place before the Captain v Vice-Captain match which had been won by the Captain.

£360 had been raised for charity via the various sweeps and drive in.

The mens’ team had lost to Mold and Llangollen but had beaten Denbigh.

The recruitment evening for local sports clubs had gone well with nine attending and a further evening is likely to be arranged soon.

  1. Junior Section Report

Two taster sessions for the juniors held during the Easter Holidays.

Junior Golf sessions are being run on a Monday throughout May by volunteers from the committee. A rota has been set for the rest of the month to cover these sessions.

The club currently has 5 paid up junior members.

Catherine, Graham and Gwilym attended the Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop at Holywell GC last week and Gwilym is hoping to attend the Time to Listen workshop next week. A review of some of our policies/paperwork is now required.

Junior helpers have all had DBS checks too.

Catherine & Graham also hope to attend the Level 1 Coaching Course in October (the cost of this is covered by grant funding)

We have been successful with two Grant applications. We have access to funding via the ‘New to Golf’ scheme and have also been awarded £1011 via Community Chest. The grants will cover the cost of courses for helpers, equipment and some professional coaching hours.

Ian V-E has been in touch with Jason from the Driving range at Trefnant. Unfortunately, he is unable to help with any PGA coaching but had suggested Jake from Denbigh golf club may be able to help.

An email had been received from Kim Ellis (Golf Development Wales) saying that the following may be able to assist us –

Lewis Harper – Plassey GC (Wrexham), Lewis – Wrexham GC (Assistant to Sam Griffiths), Jake – Denbigh GC (Assistant to Ben Brierley)

A further junior committee meeting is to be held before the end of May to make plans for June sessions.

  1. Correspondence


  1. DGU

The DGU past Captains day was being held at Ruthin Pwllglas on Tuesday the 22nd May 2018.

  1. AOB

The Green fees for visitors had not been changed during the last ten years whilst Member subscriptions had risen in line with inflation. Members considered that Green fees should be raised proportionally and agreed that Green fees should be £25 at weekends and bank holidays and £20 during the week. Guests playing with Members would have a reduction to £20 at weekends and £15 during weekdays.

Alan Foster reported that straps on the trolleys available for use were broken and he would look into finding replacements.

Alan also reported on a successful Mixed open; although numbers were slightly down the open had generated a good income for the club.

Graham Hardinges asked whether an agenda item regarding Corporate Membership could be added for the next meeting. He agreed to prepare a paper for discussion.

Clive Davies reported that he had nearly completed the work to the Ladies porch

IVE on behalf of the Competitions Secretary asked whether there was a need to engrave all trophies as space was very limited. The Committee agreed that this did not have to be done

IVE had been asked by a few Members whether the flags on the greens could be black and white with an indicator showing whether the flag was front, middle or back. The Committee did not agree to this request as flags had recently been replaced.

  1. Date of next meeting was set for Tuesday the 18th September 2018.

Action Points from Management Meeting.

  • Secretary to send reminder to Members regarding Data


  • Alan Foster to source replacement straps for the broken trolleys.
  • Graham Hardinges to prepare paper on Corporate Membership
    for consideration at next Management meeting.




























Century Club Draw – September 2018

By |October 12th, 2018|

Century Club Draw – September  Winners 2018

£100  Mr John Towns  (70)

£50   Mr Eric Owen  (88)

£45   Mr Arthur Simms  (27)

£40   Mr Clive Davies  (10)

TURKEY TROT no1   6/7 OCTOBER 2018

By |October 9th, 2018|

TURKEY TROT no1   6/7 OCTOBER 2018

O/WINNER      John Lewis 73-11-62


V GILL                     74 – 10 =64

E FITZIMMONS     76- 11= 65

NEIL ROBERTS       77-11 =66(B9)


ALAN PADMORE   79-14 =65 (B9)

HAYDN ELLIS         85-20 =65

CLIVE DAVIES         81- 15 = 66 (B9)






7 TWOS=£3.00   PER TWO





























TURKEY TROT HANDICAPS                                                                      


I V EVANS 16-14     J E L JONES17-16



Century Club Draw – August 2018

By |September 20th, 2018|

Century Club Draw – August Winners

£100 Mr Alan Foster (3)

£50 Mr Jim Smith (7)

£45 Mr John E L Jones (30)

£40 Mr Keith Turner (58)

Summer Cup Results – 2018

By |September 12th, 2018|

Well another Summer Cup bites the dust and with the 10 best results to count, out of the available 18 weeks, the comprehensive winner is Alan Padmore averaging 29 points for the 13 holes.

Congratulations Alan.

Only 6 points separated the next 6 players with 20 qualifying.
There were 2 notable events Gareth Pierce holing in 1 on the 7th
and Meirion Williams scoring a rather marvelous 37 points.

Top 10 and winning money

1. Alan Padmore 290 points
2. Peter Blundell 277
3. Gareth Williams 276
4. Gareth Griffiths 275
5= Mr Captain 272
5= Kim Webb 272
7. Gareth Pierce 271
8. Ian V Evans 262
9. Idris Roberts 261
10. Phil Evans 259

If any one has any suggestions to improve for next year only to pleased to have an audience on one condition-no moaning.



Century Club Draw – July 2018

By |September 12th, 2018|


Century Club Draw -July 2018

July Winners

£100 Ms Christine Craven (23)

£50 Mr S W Davies (75)

£45 Mr Gordon Roberts (47)

£40 Mr Clive Davies (10)

Am Am Open – Friday 10th August 2018

By |August 10th, 2018|

Am Am Open – Friday 10th August 

Century Club Draw – June 2018

By |July 31st, 2018|

June Winners

£100 Mr Kim Webb (12)

£50 Mr Clive Davies (13)

£45 Mr Graham Lowe (62)

£40 Dr F D Riley (15)

Century Club Draw – May 2018

By |July 31st, 2018|

May Winners

£100 Miss Brenda Roberts (49)

£50 Mr Peter Blundell (1)

£45 Mr John Towns (70)

£40 Mrs Olga Roberts (59)