2nd February 2017: A Pair of Aces


Graham Hardinges

It was blowing a gale but mercifully no rain so 35 golfers set out for a match that produced the closest of results, also featuring two holes in one.

Graham Hardinges saw his brilliant tee shot go in on the short 7th but it wasn’t enough to get his team into the top two places.

John Humphries

John Humphries didn’t see his tee shot go into the hole on the 3rd, you can only see the top half of the flag from the tee, and his playing partners looked everywhere else but the hole. The green is a long way and it’s always a pleasant surprise (or as some of us would say, a miracle) to find your tee shot on the green, never mind holing out.

It was a superb strike, helping John and his team-mates Tim (“I’m sure it went into the bunker”) Gorin and Wal Browett to first place with 81 points, winning on the back nine from Geoff Gill, Gwyn (Tegfan) Jones and John Hughes (Corwen). Shame about that 2 points on the final hole, lads . . .

In time-honoured tradition, Graham and John each offered the riotous throng a bottle of whisky. With two bottles let’s hope there’s some left for next Thursday!

Alan Kilday